California To Use 1 Billion Gallons Less Gasoline In Six Years?

wochit news
May 02, 2014 AT 4:20 AM
As various governments draft new emissions and fuel-economy regulations, it's natural to wonder whether they're actually working. In California, at least, the answer appears to be "yes." A newly-released Bloomberg New Energy Finance report projects, that by 2020, California may have cut its gasoline consumption by 1 billion gallons as stricter fuel-efficiency and emissions rules take hold. While Californians' gasoline use has dropped by 3 billion gallons since 2002, the report suggests the new regulations will accelerate that trend. In what the report calls a "base-case" scenario, Bloomberg's analysts believe gasoline demand in California will fall from 12.3 billion gallons in 2014 to 11.2 billion gallons in 2020--a further reduction of 9 percent.