Calvin College museum with mineral collection


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (AP) — Calvin College in Grand Rapids has opened a museum displaying a mineral collection donated by alumnus Bruce Dice. It includes 300 unique specimens.

The Bruce Dice Mineralogical Museum was built next to the college's North Hall. Among the items are a six-ounce gold nugget, an octopus fossil that's 100 million-years old, and a piece of the Allende meteorite, which crashed to earth in 1969.

One of the most visually appealing specimens is a three-foot by 15-inch Tiger's eye gemstone.

Dice is an 85-year-old geologist from Houston, Texas. He says it was time to share his collection and he chose to give it to his alma mater.

He says seeing the beautiful things God created makes people want to keep them more visible and delight in them.

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