Chelsea Clinton Is Pregnant, But That's Not Slowing Down Her Work Schedule! She's Announced She's Open To Running For Office!

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April 17, 2014 AT 1:52 PM
Pregnant women get the WACKIEST cravings! But not all bun-packed ovens are the same! We've learned that America's recently impregnated sweetheart, Chelsea Clinton, has a hankering for something other than weird pregnancy food! Bill and Hillary's beautiful daughter may in fact be craving a run for office! In the new issue of Fast Company, the 34-year-old soon-to-be mommy announced that it wasn't out of the realm of possibility. A few years from now we could be looking at Hillary Clinton as Commander-in-Chief, Chelsea as a senator, and First Husband Bill Clinton playing peek-a-boo with his grand-baby in the White House Rose Garden!