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Chris Christie heaps hot coals on Democrat opponent with kindness in debate

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It appears that Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., is sticking to the bipartisan charm that heavily boosted his approval ratings in his re-election campaign.

During the end of his debate Tuesday night with New Jersey Democratic State Senator Barbara Buono, the debate moderator asked each candidate to say something nice about their opponent.

Buono took the opportunity to ding Christie for his appearances on late night television.

"Well he's good on late night TV, he's just not so good in New Jersey," she said as the crowd cheered.

Christie replied seriously, praising Buono for her public service.

"She's obviously a good and caring mother and someone who cares deeply about public service in this state and she's dedicated a lot of her life to it," Christie said.

"And while we have policy disagreements, Christine, I would never denigrate her service and I think we need more people who care enough about our communities to be able to stand up and do the job that she's done over the last 20 years," he said.


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