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Chris Christie only won because of 'big personality' and 'Hurricane Sandy,' says Debbie Wasserman Schultz

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Anytime a candidate gets trounced in an election, the losing party comes up with all kinds of excuses for the loss — and some of them can be really strange.

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., told MSNBC's Chuck Todd on Wednesday on “Daily Rundown” that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie won re-election because of his “big personality,” but that Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe won because of his policies.

That’s one way to spin a landslide loss for Democrats in New Jersey and a skin-of-their-teeth victory in Virginia.

“I don’t think if you look at last night’s results more closely in New Jersey that you can attribute this to anything more than a big personality in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy,” Wasserman Schultz said.

Or perhaps Christie's policies were popular, considering he won wide margins among voters who said taxes or the economy were their top issue in the campaign.

Or that even large percentages of people who oppose Obamacare or want the government to do more to help the economy voted for Christie.

But all the DNC chairman can see is Christie's “big personality.” (Would she have said “big” if Christie were thinner?)

But when it came to the Virginia governor race — a squeaker — Wasserman Schultz was all “significant" this and “anti-Tea Party" that. Self-reflection is so lacking in today’s politics.

“Let’s just make sure we understand this is way more than a win just being a win,” Wasserman Schultz said of McAuliffe’s victor. “This was significant. A few years ago, if you were around a pundit table, there’s no way that Chuck Todd would have predicted that in 2013 Virginia would be as close to reliably blue in statewide elections [as it is now].”

Really? A few years ago? Like in 2009 when Republican Bob McDonnell won in Virginia? Apparently, Wasserman Schultz is unaware that control of Virginia’s governorship has switched parties every couple of elections for the past five decades. Or that more Republicans became governor of New Jersey in the last five decades than in Virginia.

So, no, McAuliffe’s win is not some surprising statistic, but Christie’s 22-point victory was a feat.

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