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Chris Matthews claims apartheid-era South African leaders were better than current GOP

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MSNBC host Chris Matthews is at it again.

This time he's comparing current GOP legislators to those who supported apartheid in South Africa.

Matthews, speaking to MSNBC host Alex Wagner today on her eponymously-named television program, said F.W. de Klerk, the white South African president who released Nelson Mandela from prison and negotiated an end to apartheid with him, supported South Africa more than Republicans support the United States.

“And for [de Klerk] to recognize his role in history, which was to be a patriot at that point, was so different than the way [Senate Minority Leader] Mitch McConnell handled the election of Obama,” Matthews said. “So different.”

How was it different? Matthews did not mince words in explaining.

“They were willing – the McConnell people on to the far right – were willing to destroy the country in order to destroy Obama,” Matthews said. “Whereas, to succeed in a country he loved, F.W. de Klerk was willing to see it through and conform to black rule, so that it could be done successfully so that he would have his country have a better future.”

Wow. But Matthews wasn’t done attacking Republicans.

“We have real people in the country with real power and status who have used that status and power to hurt the country so they can hurt the president.”

Matthews was essentially saying that Republicans should have stopped representing their constituents in 2009, abandoned their principles, roll over and do whatever Obama wanted.

When did he advocate such a practice for Democrats when George W. Bush won?

Republicans didn’t even have to roll over in 2009. Democrats had complete control of Congress and the White House. The policies instituted during that time didn't impress many Americans, and they gave control of the House back to the Republicans in the next election. Did Matthews advocate for Obama and Democrats to stop their agenda because clearly the American people weren’t on board?

Of course not.

Matthews was set off by Al Sharpton, who made the initial comparison to how de Klerk handled the election in South Africa.

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