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Chris Matthews: Mark Levin and Glenn Beck just as bad as Kim Jong-un executing his uncle

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MSNBC's Chris Matthews thinks conservative talk show hosts like Glenn Beck and Mark Levin are just as bad as North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, who recently executed his uncle.

"[T]he Mitch McConnells, John Cornyns, Lindsey Grahams — all scared to death at this moment that the Mark Levins and Glenn Becks of the right-wing media circus will finger them for destruction the way Kim Jong-un fingered his own unsuspecting guardian uncle over in Pyongyang," Matthews said on his MSNBC show Friday.

Matthews said that Glenn Beck was "acting like a king of the crazies."

"So now the cat is out of the bag," Matthews insisted. "Glenn Beck and company, the people calling the shots, are the loudest, angriest, nastiest voices in the right-wing media."

Matthews, quoting their fellow Republican John McCain, called conservative senators like Mike Lee, Rand Paul,and Ted Cruz "wacko birds" for refusing to work with President Obama and other Democrats and accused them of taking marching orders from Beck and Levin.

(Video via NRO)

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