Chris Matthews takes racial politics crusade to Newt Gingrich

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Chris Matthews is absolutely certain that Republicans are waging a game of “racial politics,” by talking about food stamps and Romney’s birth certificate joke.

“Look, I find your assumption so absurd that it’s hard to answer your question,” Gingrich said, calling Mitt Romney’s joke a “throwaway line” noting that it was “part of the common culture.”

“Do you think it’s funny that the president had to show his papers to shut down the birther talk? That he had to go to Hawaii and get his documents released. Do you think that was funny?

“I think that it is bizarre that people think that it is a challenge to be able to say, i was born there, here’s my birth certificate,” Gingrich replied. “What’s the big deal?”

When Matthews attacked Republicans for racial politics by bringing up foods stamps, Gingrich countered, “We’re not allowed to talk about food stamps because your sensibility tells us that 35 years ago. .?”

“Give me a break!” Gingrich added.

Matthews could only respond, “You’ve got that diabolic smile of yours, and you know you think you’re winning here, but everybody out there who’s black or white knows exactly the game that’s being played here.”

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