Chris Matthews: VP Dick Cheney trying to continue his 'life form' with daughter's Senate bid

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Former Vice President Dick Cheney, dubbed "Darth Vader" by his foes in Washington, has been granted a new persona by TV critic Chris Matthews — the father of Superman.

In a rant against Liz Cheney's surprise decision to challenge fellow Republican Sen. Mike Enzi in a GOP primary next year, Matthews asked on air Wednesday if the Cheney's were using the state to build a political dynasty.

He even suggested that the former veep sent his daughter to the state he once represented in the House so she could continue the Cheney "life form."

"You know what the Cheneys remind me of, Lynn and Dick Cheney? They remind me of Superman in a movie as played by Marlon Brando and Eva Marie Saint, packing their kid in a little missile to send him off to America or somewhere. It's like they're like, they're like they packed her into this little missile they're and sending her off to Wyoming to continue the life form," said Matthews.

He added that he couldn't find any connection Liz Cheney has to Wyoming, other than her father.

"What is Liz Cheney's connection to Wyoming? She went to high school in Virginia, she went to college in Colorado, she spent all of her life back here in Washington. Usually you know a person where they went to high school. I know it's simple; that's where you're from, where you went to high school. No connection to the state except her father's last name. So what's Dick Cheney up to here? Is this some effort to create a satellite of his own political career? What's he up to?"

Brent Baker, with the conservative media watchdog Media Research Center, said, "The real question is, what life form spawned Matthews and his obsession with the evils of the Cheney family?"

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