Chris Pratt details 'Zero Dark Thirty' boot camp

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Life on the set of "Zero Dark Thirty," the new film depicting the hunt for and killing of Osama bin Laden, had some similarity to real military training, according to actor Chris Pratt. "For six weeks we were bunking together, living together, smelling each other's farts and BO and fighting each other," Pratt said of filming with the group of actors playing Navy SEALs.

For the raid scene, which concludes the two and a half hour film, Pratt and his cohorts learned skills at a special operations training center before tackling "Bin Laden's compound," a replica of the real one built in Jordan for filming. "We ... saw it for the first time like the real SEALs saw it, going in and trying to kill Osama bin Laden," the "Parks and Recreation" actor explained. "It was chaotic, it was dusty. We had real firearms. We had goats running around. We had terrible accommodations," he told a Washington audience Tuesday night, after the film screened at the Newseum. "For 'Zero Dark Thirty 2' we're going to make some demands," Pratt laughed.

Pratt, who heralds from the small town of Virginia, Minn., was unsure about taking the role, not only because his wife, actress Anna Faris, was pregnant at the time -- "I had all these fantasies about getting kidnapped and stuff," he admitted -- but also because so many family members and friends had served in the military. "I didn't want to be part of a movie that would take some angle or tried to make some comment about our involvement in the Middle East as a country," he said. "I was afraid to just jump on something, and I'm really not that cautious about anything." He was convinced when director Kathryn Bigelow said she wanted to "tell it how it is," Pratt recalled. "I was right to believe in her," he concluded.

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