City of ABQ recognizes firefighters' quick response New Mexico
April 16, 2011 AT 2:00 AM
firefighters who revived a 2-year- old who almost drowned in his family's backyard swimming pool. his family says it's a miracle he's still alive. kayla anderson was there as the firefighters who saved his life were honored. minute thumbnail 06:15 pm this is 2-year- old asher lopez ... popping bubbles while lying in a bed in unm's pediatric intensive care unit. "he's fine. he's moving around and laughing and talking. and it's amazing to know that miracles can still happen." asher's mom says he was outside the family's northwest albuquerque home last month. it'd been less than two minutes when she went looking for him. "i thought it was just me seeing things but i saw him floating down and that's a mother's worst nightmare." asher's grandpa performed cpr-- trying to save the boy's life-- until firefighters arrived. "i remember giving up hope just because we were working the child and we weren't getting any results."