City releases findings of study on police shootings New Mexico
June 24, 2011 AT 9:45 PM
since 2006 ..... there have been 37 officer- involved shootings in albuquerque.. police chief ray schultz says that's too many. this afternoon the city released information from an independent study looking at the use of force in albuquerque. heather mills is live at city hall and has some startling figures. in this 90-page report.. it states that violent crime is down.. and assaults on officers are down.. but the use of deadly force is up. what this study from an independent group found is that a small number of officers are the ones who keep using force. here is the break down -- 22 percent of officers are responsible for 60 percent of the use of force incidents. chief schultz says it has a lot to do with the location and hours the officer works.. but is something that needs to be addressed. "the report says it's a very interesting number. something we need to look at. something our intervention techniques need to address specifically and it may be something as simple as you know what, your personality working in this part of town just isn't working out." half of the people shot and killed by a-p-d were suffering from a mental illness. one recommendation is to host mental health summits with community stakeholders. another is to make sure 9-1-1 operators have crisis intervention training .. and offer the training to more officers as well. currently just 25 percent of apd has crisis intervention training. another change.. apd will now accept anonymous complaints. the chief says, "where there's smoke, there may be fire." and if an officer receives multiple complaints it's something they need to look at.