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Clintons seek to show new vigor amid age worries

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It’s a big day in the campaign of 2016 Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Her loyal defenders spent most of Tuesday pouring out their fury on Karl Rove for remarks Rove made about her health and fitness for office. If she wins, Clinton would be 69 when she took the oath of office, older than every president other than Ronald Reagan. A Republican strategist and Fox News Contributor pointing out that Clinton’s 2013 bout of ill health, subsequent cranial blood clot and odd therapeutic eye ware at the height of the Benghazi scandal shouldn’t cause such consternation. But Democrats have long had a Rove bugaboo, ascribing many dark arts to the architect of George W. Bush’s two presidential victories. But its more than just hating Rove. It’s that he spoke to the fear pulsating in every Democratic nerve ending: What if she can’t run? Without a seemingly viable alternative, it would be lights out for the blue team.

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On the hustle - Hillary is set to talk about Iran’s nuclear program when she gives the closing address at the American Jewish Committee’s Global Forum today in Washington. This is a key constituency for Clinton’s candidacy, who can be expected to further distance herself from President Obama on the subject, as she did in March speech before another Jewish organization. Clinton will also continue to crusade for women rights at a World Bank discussion this evening of a report focusing on barriers to shared prosperity for women and girls the organization will release later today. The message here isn’t just taking care of her base with Jewish Voters and Wall Street. Because of what Rove said, it’s also about showing that she can endure the brutal schedule of a modern presidential candidate.

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