Colorado sheriffs won't enforce governor's gun laws

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Politics,Paul Bedard,Washington Secrets

In a stunning rebuke to gun control laws just signed by Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, several state sheriffs say they won't enforce the new rules because they say it robs weapons from law-abiding citizens--but not criminals.

Calling Second Amendment rights more important than a rush to soothe citizens outraged at recent slayings like the one at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater, the sheriffs said they would ignore laws limiting the size of gun magazines and efforts to require a universal background check.

The new magazine law, they said, would be impossible to enforce because it grandfathers in large magazines. The sheriffs said that there is no way to tell the difference between those made before and after the law took effect.

Their rejection of Hickenlooper's initiatives is even more surprising, considering that the state's prison chief was gunned down at his home this week.

The rebuke comes on the heels of a position the state sheriffs association took to reject national gun control out of concern it unconstitutionally limits the types of weapons state citizens are allowed to have.

According to the Steamboat Today, Moffat County Sheriff Tim Jantz said that there is nothing requiring him to enforce every state law. He told the news website that his oath "doesn't say I need to enforce every statute."