Condit takes stand at Levy trial

Capital Land,Kristen Byrne

Gary Condit, the former congressman from California whose political career was derailed when the affair he was having with federal intern Chandra Levy became public after her death in 2001, took the stand Monday in D.C. Superior Court to testify at the trial of the man charged with killing her.

Levy’s disappearance made national headlines until the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, largely because of her affair with Condit, who represented Levy’s hometown of Modesto.

Prosecutors allege that Ingmar Guandique raped and attacked Levy in Rock Creek Park on May 1, 2001. Her remains were found there a year later.

Prosecutors have admitted that the investigation was botched from the beginning and focused too much on Condit, who was hiding his affair with the Federal Bureau of Prisons intern. Police have since cleared Condit.

Dr. Robert Levy, Chandra’s father, testified last week that he told police in 2001 and 2002 that his daughter was very cautious and would never go jogging in the woods alone, and that she and Condit had secretly been dating and had a five-year plan to get married. But on Tuesday, Levy testified that he didn’t think those things were true.

“I just said whatever came to mind just to point to him as the villain,” Levy said.

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