Congressional vote for D.C. backed by Hawaii Legislature

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It probably won't move Congress, but the Hawaii Legislature has declared it wants the District to have a vote on Capitol Hill.

"Members of the 113th United States Congress are urged to enact federal legislation or propose a constitutional amendment granting full voting rights to residents of the District of Columbia," the Legislature said in a resolution.

The Hawaii House of Representatives approved the measure unanimously, and all but one member of the Hawaii Senate endorsed the resolution.

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray welcomed the measure, which is not expected to affect Congress' thinking.

"I want to thank the Hawaii State Legislature for taking a stand with us to demand full voting rights for residents of the District of Columbia," Gray said in a statement. "The state of Hawaii has a long history of supporting the District despite the nearly 5,000 miles that separate us. They have taken an important step in raising awareness of this issue in Hawaii, and I hope that their outrage towards the District's disenfranchisement will spread across the country."

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