Consumers stuck with ObamaCare errors

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Wrongly dumped into the Medicaid welfare program? Income listed incorrectly so you lose a subsidy? Premium costing you more than promised? Wrongly denied coverage? ObamaCare has an answer for you. Print out a seven-page form and mail it to a government contractor in Kentucky where… nothing will happen. The Washington Post reveals the nightmarish journey for ObamaCare enrollees who find the federal program has failed them, including some of the 22,000 people desperate enough to send their pleas off to Kentucky in hope of help.

From WaPo’s Amy Goldstein - “For now, the appeals are sitting, untouched, inside a government computer. And an unknown number of consumers who are trying to get help through less formal means — by calling the health-care marketplace directly — are told that’s computer system is not yet allowing federal workers to go into enrollment records and change them, according to individuals inside and outside the government who are familiar with the situation.”

Tough luck - “…Addie Wilson, 27, who lives in Fairmont, W.Va., and earns $22,000 a year working with at-risk families… said that she is paying $100 a month more than she should for her insurance and that her deductible is $4,000 too high…. When Wilson logged on to in late December, she needed coverage right away. Her old insurance was ending, and she was to have gallbladder surgery in January. But the Web site would not calculate the federal subsidy to which she knew she was entitled. Terrified to go without coverage, Wilson phoned a federal call center and took the advice she was given: Pay the full price now and appeal later. Now she is stuck.”

[Minneapolis Star Tribune: “As of last week… just 475 Minnesota workers are covered on small business plans purchased through [the state’s ObamaCare Web site] according to the latest figures. The state had hoped to enroll nearly 9,000 employees by March 31 and 13,000 by year’s end.”]

Who knew? - Demography maestro  Michael Barone considers how ObamaCare Misreads America: “The trouble that has resulted – from the architects' apparent failures to anticipate the behavior of fellow citizens who don't share their approach to the world, and the architects' determination to impose their mores, such as contraception coverage, on a multicultural nation – is a lesson to national policy makers, conservative as well as liberal. Govern lightly if you want to govern this culturally diverse nation well.”

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