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Contrary to Mother Jones, Oklahomans know real climate change when they see it

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Being one of the reddest states in the country, Oklahoma gets little respect in the mainstream media, so a mocking Mother Jones piece likely shocked no one living in the buckle of the Bible Belt.

Mother Jones ridiculed the state because officials there recently voted against new science education standards that give prominence to global warming agitprop.

"As much as any state in the U.S., Oklahoma is a victim of climate change," Mother Jones observed. "In 2011, notes the newly released U.S. National Climate Assessment, the state suffered from its hottest summer on record ... And the report states as plainly as you can that climate change was involved."

Not a dust bowl

Apparently, Mother Jones isn't aware that history didn't stop after the Dust Bowl created Oklahoma's indelible "grapes of wrath" Image during the Great Depression.

In fact, as Sierra Rayne notes in American Thinker, Oklahoma's climate is, uh, changing, for the better from those sad days when half the state moved to California.

"The Sooner State has a statistically significant increasing -- not decreasing -- trend in annual precipitation since records begin in 1895. That would be the complete opposite of 'drying up,'" said Rayne.

Real climate change

It gets even worse, according to Rayne, for the global warming propagandists the deeper one dives into the Oklahoma weather data:

* "There are no negative trends in annual precipitation for any of Oklahoma's nine climate sub-regions, either, over the past 120 years. None.

* "There are no declining trends in summertime precipitation for the state as a whole, nor in any of its climate sub-regions, since 1895. None.

* "You may also be interested to know that there are also no significant trends in Oklahoma's statewide average annual or summertime temperatures since 1895."

Who to believe?

The National Climate Assessment cited by Mother Jones was written by politicians seeking to advance President Obama's political agenda.

The data cited by Rayne was collected over the years by the National Weather Service. Like it or not, the numbers show Oklahoma getting wetter, not drier, over time.

Looks like those *Okies in the state legislature who rejected the new science "standards" know real climate change when they see it.

* Full Disclosure: The author was born and raised in Oklahoma and is quite happy to explain why he's proud of the fact (probably in greater detail than anybody not born there cares to hear).

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