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Corporations rub shoulders with Boehner thanks to charity donations

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Want to hang with John Boehner? Throw some cash around and not have to worry about those pesky FEC limitations on campaign donations?

Just give some money to his favorite charity.

Corporations gave $900,000 in donations to the yearly Boehner-Lieberman-Williams dinner, according a story by Keenan Steiner of the Sunlight Foundation's Reporting Group. Here's a quote:

"Of the seven gold sponsors, only General Motors and PhRMA, the pharmaceutical industry's trade association, reported the gifts. The others--Goldman Sachs, CME Group, Kaplan, Comcast and Hilton Worldwide--all said that the law does not require disclosure.

"Kaplan spokesman Mark Harrad pointed to an example in the disclosure guidance that says if an official lends his name to an event as a 'co-host' but does not receive an award, disclosure is not needed; that example murkily says 'Supplemental facts might require reporting the cost of the event.'"

And that's not all. Special interests have spent $19 million last year to "honor" and rub shoulders with political muckety-mucks at charity events, Sunlight has previously reported.

At the next Boehner-Lieberman-Williams gathering, coming up next month, attendees will also get to hang with Sen. Joe Lieberman, the Connecticut independent, and Anthony Williams, the former mayor of the District of Columbia.

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