Crime History: Masked intruders castrate Wayne DuMond, Arkansas rapist of 17-year-old

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On this day, March 7, in 1985, two masked men broke into a home and castrated an Arkansas man who was awaiting trial for the rape of a 17- year-old cheerleader and distant cousin of then-Gov. Bill Clinton.

The intruders were never found, but the case of Wayne DuMond would be used in at least two presidential campaigns.

DuMond, 35, was castrated while awaiting trial for the 1984 rape of Ashley Stephens. DuMond was found guilty and sentenced to life plus 20 years, and the sheriff displayed DuMond's severed testicles in jar in his office.

DuMond's case resurfaced in the 2008 presidential campaign when opponents criticized candidate Mike Huckabee, who lobbied for DuMond's parole as governor of Arkansas. Eleven months after DuMond's release, he raped and killed a Missouri woman.

- Scott McCabe

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