Crowdsourced Jet Search Overwhelms Satellite Company's Servers

wochit technology
March 12, 2014 AT 3:15 AM
A satellite imagery provider is trying to give people all over the world the opportunity to help search for the missing Malaysia Airlines jet — but the demand is proving more than its servers can handle. DigitalGlobe directed its satellites to snap pictures of the Gulf of Thailand on Sunday, and has been uploading the data to its Tomnod map-scouring Web app. Search planes and boats are also in the area, of course, but the search area now spans over a hundred thousand square miles. Satellites can look far more efficiently, but all that imagery still has to be scrutinized — and what better resource to tap than an Internet population eager to help? Unfortunately, they were a bit too eager. The Tomnod website has been up and down — mostly down — for much of Tuesday.