D.C. man sentenced to 10 years for AK-47 firing spree

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A 60-year-old District man with a deadly past has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after he fired an AK-47 assault rifle in the direction of a D.C. police officer near a school in Southeast Washington.

Aubrey Dockery had been mostly forgotten since the Vietnam War combat veteran's conviction nearly 40 years ago for a high-profile killing of a recent college graduate in Georgetown. The "racially motivated" slaying at the time garnered significant attention and was shocking even for a city already stigmatized as the "Murder Capitol on the Potomac."

Dockery served his time, and neighbors and his Veterans Affairs clinical psychologist provided testimony that he hasn't shown any recent signs of violence. But now he's back in the news after a judge sentenced him Friday on gun charges in a bizarre gun incident.

According to court documents, about 2 a.m. on March 6, a patrol officer driving through the intersection of T and 16th streets in Southeast Washington spotted Dockery with an assault rifle.

Dockery then pointed the rifle toward the officer's direction and squeezed off a round, court documents said. The officer recognized the muzzle flash and radioed for help.

Dockery fled, and police heard more gunshots. A Pepco transformer was riddled by bullets, knocking out the power in the neighborhood. Police used their flashlights to find Dockery crouched behind a parked car with his finger on the trigger near Anacostia High School.

Police arrested Dockery. His home had been shot up, and a table had been pushed against the front entrance like a barricade, prosecutors said.

Inside the residence, police found a .22-caliber pistol on lying on the stairs and a shotgun, and numerous rounds of ammunition.

Dockery tested positive for cocaine and PCP.

Investigators learned that Dockery was on parole for a killing in 1975.

In that case, Dockery was walking with woman and complaining about white people and the way they used black people.

Dockery then pointed out an approaching young white man to his female companion. He then grabbed the man by his throat and stabbed him in the chest. Duncan McCrea, a recent University of Virginia graduate and the son of a Pennsylvania minister, died.

Dockery washed the murder weapon in the C&O Canal. When police stopped him, they found the knife as well as a sawed-off shotgun.

Dockery was convicted of McCrea's murder and sentenced 15 to 45 years. It's unclear from court records how many years he served in prison.

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