Data Center

They can run for office, but they can't hide from the data. Learn who voted for what. Track bills, read resolutions and learn everything you ever wanted to know about your representative using the data center.


A weekly feature using political, financial and demographic data and interactive graphics to help you understand your world and the forces influencing it.

Appropriate appropriations? Latest spending bills

A ticker of the latest ways members of Congress would like to spend your money--from massive transportation bills to the cost of a Congressional medal of honor to obscure bills that will likely never see a floor vote but which members introduce anyway, such as slavery reparations, or which might be small enough to otherwise escape notice, such as funding a park in their district.

CitizenAudit: Nonprofit money trail

Search an ideological nonprofit such as the Heritage Foundation or the Center for American Progress to see who's donating. Nonprofits make up a massive portion of our economy and are exempted from taxes. But lawmakers have questioned whether some, like the National Football League, deserve their status, while other activist groups, like Americans for Prosperity, are the new frontier in anonymous politicking.