CitizenAudit: Who is the IRS exempting from taxes, and how are they spending their money?

Nonprofits make up a massive portion of our economy and are exempted from taxes. But lawmakers have questioned whether some, like the National Football League, deserve their status, while other activist groups, like Americans for Prosperity, use them to engage in ideological activity. Many nonprofits provide community services fueled by government grants — and pay their executives handsomely.

Salaries, expenditures and, in some cases, donors are detailed in these documents. Enter some words such as your city, a person's name, or a nonprofit's name to search for Form 990 financial disclosure documents from 1999 onwards.

Paper documents were made freely searchable for the first time ever using optical character recognition by the Washington Examiner's Luke Rosiak as part of a project called CitizenAudit.

Matches on the name of the nonprofit, its chief contact person, or street address will appear in a results table, while matches on the text of the 990 itself — which lists board members, staffers, and donation recipients — will appear below it.