Daughter of Dell CEO Breaches Family Security

Financial News Network
August 14, 2012 AT 5:16 AM
One of the most successful businessmen in the computer industry is having some problems today. Not business problems though, family problems.CEO of Dell Computers Michael Dell spends close to $2.7 million a year on a security for is family and his daughter has systematically thrown that money down the drain. How did she do it? Through twitter.Alexa Dell decided to take to the micro-blogging site and dish on her family's life, including where they lived, as well as her exact location when traveling to New York and on vacation in Fiji. Both her posts and twitter have been deleted by Dell's security team and it seems the damage has been mitigated, at least for now.Good thing too. Michael Dell's net worth is reportedly $15.9 billion. Since taking the company public in 1988, he's landed the 41st spot on Forbes Magazine's Billionaire's List.