Dave Brat told voters to 'Google' Eric Cantor's support for immigration reform

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Dave Brat, the college professor who won a surprise upset in Virginia's 7th District GOP primary, said Wednesday he won in part by convincing voters that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor backs pro-amnesty elements of immigration reform, despite proclaiming otherwise.

Cantor sent campaign fliers to voters in the weeks before the primary portraying himself as a GOP leader working to defeat the “plan to give illegal aliens amnesty” proposed by Democrats.

But Brat, in a radio interview with conservative host Laura Ingraham, said he relentlessly made the case that Cantor is not opposed to comprehensive immigration reform, which includes a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants that opponents say is a form of amnesty.

“I told them to Google it,” Brat, 49, said, referring to Cantor's many comments in support of taking up immigration reform, including a “Kids Act” bill that would provide a path to citizenship for people who came to the United States as children.

Ingraham, a conservative who campaigned for Brat and is opposed to comprehensive immigration reform, asked Brat if Cantor should resign his leadership position.

“Clearly he has to go,” Brat said. “And I hope the other leaders have found the same lesson. That the American people want certain principles in place and amnesty fits in that package of respecting the rule of law in the first place.”

Brat said his victory, “Is just the first wave. But it’s a huge wave and it’s spreading throughout the country.”

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