David Brooks: This IRS story is going to be big

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On “Meet the Press” Sunday, New York Times columnist David Brooks explained that the recent news about the IRS targeting Tea Party groups would be a major story in upcoming days, pointing out that the Obama administration was facing another political scandal.

“[T]his IRS story is going to be big,” Brooks insisted. “It’s going to confirm a lot of suspicions a lot of Republicans have. You combine that with the Benghazi thing, you combine it with even the red line in Syria, where that looks like a political thing now because you wouldn’t carry through it.”

Brooks explained that the Obama administration was filled with highly politicized people, which signaled a growing problem for President Obama during his second term.

“[T]hey are very political. And so, you could have this means spread that this is a hyper-politicized group of people who will twist things,” he said.

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