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David Plouffe: I think Americans still trust Obama

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President Obama's popularity and approval ratings are already ripe for a comeback, noted former Obama adviser David Plouffe on ABC's "This Week."

"I think the president's numbers will recover, I think people's confidence will recover," Plouffe said Sunday, pointing out that by the time of the State of the Union address, Obama would be ready to push for immigration reform.

Plouffe added that people trusted Obama, even after it was clear they would not be able to keep their health insurance under Obamacare reforms.

"I think he spoke directly to this and I think people accepted what he had to say. I think people trust this president," Plouffe said.

In spite of the low poll numbers, Plouffe said Obama's polling numbers would improve.

"I'm confident in a few years from now, the trust numbers are going to come up, I think his approval number will come up," Plouffe insisted.

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