DCCC outraised NRCC in 2012, couldn’t re-take House

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The nonpartisan political money-watching website reports today that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised $152 million this election cycle and spent about $143 million. That puts them ahead of the National Republican Congressional Committee, which raised $136 million and spent $127 million. This is particularly impressive for the DCCC since the NRCC had more lawmakers to do fundraising with.

Yet despite out-raising the Republicans, the DCCC could not regain control of the House in what was an otherwise a very good election for the Democrats. The Democrats had a net gain of two seats, although another seven races remain undecided. One is a runoff between two Republicans. The rest are too close to call.

Even if the Democrats win all of the remaining six, the Republicans would retain a majority of 231-201.  This would be despite President Obama sweeping most swing states and the Democrats retaining control on the Senate.

Election watchers generally cite gerrymandering of congressional districts as the main reason. The GOP has locked in its House gains through cleverly-drawn districts that isolate Democratic voters.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is rumored to be be considering stepping down. She had lead a drive to win a least 25 seats to regain the majority for the party and publicly claimed the party was within reach of doing that.

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