Democratic candidate accused of unequal pay demands equal pay

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In a new campaign ad, New Mexico Attorney General Gary King claims he will demand equal pay for women in the state. The thing is, three years ago King was accused of pay discrimination by female lawyers in his office.

Not only that, but King's opponent, Republican Gov. Susana Martinez, signed an equal pay bill into law last year.

In 2011, three female attorneys in King’s office filed a lawsuit against him alleging they were paid less than their male counterparts. The women had previously met with King – in 2008 – to discuss a report they put together showing they were paid less than less experienced male attorneys.

King gave each of the women a 5 percent raise – while denying discrimination – and said in a statement included in the lawsuit that the women were “of average capabilities.”

King eventually settled out of court with two of the women while the third case was dismissed.

Now King is advocating for equal pay for women, and completely ignoring that current governor Martinez beat him to the punch last year by signing the Fair Pay for Women Act into law. The bill makes it easier for women to file lawsuits – like the one filed against King – alleging pay inequity.

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