Dems slipping away from Reid on budget deal

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DEMS SLIPPING AWAY FROM REID ON BUDGET DEAL - Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin told CBS’ “Face the Nation” that his team will need at least eight Republicans to pass a two-year budget deal approved last week by the Republican controlled House. That’s his way of saying that three members of the Democratic conference have already told him that they will not vote for the deal. Which three? Vulnerable Democrats Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas and Kay Hagan of North Carolina have been noncommittal, but Fox News First suspects that the trouble is on the left. No word as yet from Elizabeth Warren, the freshman Democrat who has taken the reins of the liberal wing of Reid’s conference. Every vote Reid loses means another he will have to get from Republicans. John Boehner delivered. Can Reid?

[Drucker’s got the deets - Washington Examiner’s David Drucker looks at how the deal came together.]

Is eight not enough? - Republican Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake, both of Arizona and Susan Collins of Maine all said they would vote for the bill and another four – Bob Corker of Tennessee, Thad Cochran of Mississippi, Johnny Isakson of Georgia and Mike Johanns of Nebraska were undecided, but sounded like they were leaning toward voting “yea.” Moderates like Mark Kirk of Illinois and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee seem unlikely to filibuster the budget deal, so what is Team Reid hinting at? Do they need more? Lawmakers return to town today to start jawboning the deal in person.

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