Did PR Newswire alter a Gary Bauer press release and add the word “gay”?

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Gary Bauer’s Christian conservative group Campaign for Working Families is alleging that somebody at PR Newswire altered the text of one of their press releases, randomly adding the word “gay” at the end of a paragraph.

“It would appear so,” said Kristi Hamrick, spokeswoman for the group, adding “It wasn’t in the original.” She said she had not spoken to Bauer regarding the incident.

PR Newswire spokeswoman Rachel Meranus confirmed that the Campaign for Working Families had complained regarding the incident. “Yes, we were informed and we’re looking into it. Don’t know what happened as of yet,” she told the Examiner via email.

The original release was titled, “Gary Bauer Brings Strategic Senate campaign to Indiana; Urges support for Richard Mourdock.” The third paragraph of the release says:

Bauer, the chairman of the Campaign for Working Families, is rolling out ads as part of a six-figure independent expenditure campaign on Christian, country and news talk radio formats in major Indiana media markets.  Gay
The last word was not in the draft they submitted, Hamrick says. The apparent prank was first noticed by FishbowlDC, who noted it under the irreverent headline: “Did Gary Bauer just come out of the closet?”

Bauer, a leading opponent of gay marriage and other gay rights issues, has been the subject of pranks by gay activists in the past. In the 2000 presidential race, columnist Dan Savage, while undercover for, worked as a volunteer for the campaign while attempting to infect Bauer with the flu.


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