Diversity at Occupy McPherson Square

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Three ideologies are occupying D.C. at McPherson Square: Islam, Christianity, and anarchism.  The slideshow above reveals the diversity of the occupiers’ views with pictures of, among other things, representative symbols from each of these beliefs.   


Next to the wreaking portable toilets in McPherson Square is a hand-painted sign, “Islam is the way.”  A smaller painted wooden board with three broad bands of red, black, and green, leans on a nearby tree.  Note the resemblance to the new Libyan flag.


Another tent at McPherson square bears the banner of the ministry OccupyChurch.  The image of a lamb holding the Christian flag is a well-known "Christmon," or monogram of Christ.  Their website offers the following statement:  "Occupying the church and Wall Street. A continual on-the-ground Christian presence at OccupyDC."

Facing the sidewalk is a weather-beaten cardboard sign with a reference to John 21:15-17, which is a quote from Jesus saying to his disciple, Simon-Peter, “If you love me, feed my sheep.”


The symbol for anarchy, an encircled letter A, is splashed across the black background of a banner that flies above the tents in McPherson Square.  Anarchy perhaps best reflects the Occupy movement, which prides itself on a lack of leadership.  The lack of unifying message is even a matter of pride for some occupiers.  “That’s part of the point,” Legba Carrefour told the Washington Examiner in an interview.

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