Dogecoin co-founder commemorates currency's successful two months, urges supporters to remain positive

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Billy Markus, one of the original founders of Dogecoin, marked the two-month anniversary of the cryptocurrency by thanking supporters for making it so popular and urging them to remain a positive community.

“The moment that people stop trying to participate in making positive things happen and start complaining that others need to do things for them is the moment a community starts to get sick,” Markus wrote on the Dogecoin subsection on Reddit.

While it has only existed for two months, Dogecoin has become a runaway success -- and is currently the fifth-largest digital currency by market cap. It even has its own charitable foundation and helped raise money to send the Jamaican bobsled team to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Markus said his reason for urging the Dogecoin community to remain a positive force was his own experience with online communities. Markus said he’d enter an online community only to see it turn from a collective of fans to a community of complainers.

“When no one is trying to make things happen and everyone is complaining that others do those things for them, that is when a community dies,” he said. “Let's not let that happen.”

Sounds like not only sound advice for the Dogecoin community, but advice that could apply to Congress as well.

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