Doubletalk: Obama looks to reassure base

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DOUBLETALK: OBAMA LOOKS TO REASSURE BASE - President Obama is holding an Internet pep rally for his supporters today. The event, hosted by the president’s permanent campaign arm, Organizing for Action, comes as liberal supporters of the commander in chief is pushing ahead with efforts to transform America’s health-insurance system. Obama, facing intense pushback for his decision to not honor a promise to allow Americans to keep their existing health plans, appeared to reverse himself last week.  Daily Caller has more.

[“[President Obama is] gracious and he’s taking responsibility. But that doesn't mean that there was anything in the law that said if you like what you had before [enactment] you couldn't keep it.” – House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”]

Different strokes, different folks - After spending several days last week trying to convince anxious and angry Americans that he was retreating on his effort to tear up the existing insurance market, the president now has to scramble to convince liberals that he wasn’t serious. Their support for the law depends on a belief that individual insurance, as well as employer-based plans, will change and shift to the government-run offerings under ObamaCare. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., didn’t mince words on ABC’s “This Week” saying, President Obama “should’ve just been specific” about Americans losing their current health care plans under ObamaCare and that “we [Democrats] all knew” it would happen.

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