Dozens of animal carcasses found on man's property New Mexico
June 03, 2011 AT 2:15 AM
sally the rhinocerous was properly laid to rest this evening. the animal's carcass was found along with dozens of other animals in t south valley today. cristina rodda spent the day looking into how the remains ended up at the home. sally's severely decomposed body was hauled away this afternoon. it and dozens of sheep and horses were found in a horse trailer and a dumpster behind this house. " there's various stages of decomposition going on there so some are in tact some are in parts. ." the city says they handed over sally to the new mexico department of agriculture after she was euthanized in december for disease. the city was told by the state that the body would be properly disposed of. we were then surprised and outraged to learn that the rhionoceros was here on this property. ruben saavadra is authorized to remove animal carcasses the state agricultural department spokesperson says saavadra has disposed of animal carcasses for them for four years -- with out any problems. adding to that-- they say they are sad that saavadra didn't do what he was hired to do. " he's been issued a notice of violation for this activity in october of last year." county authorities say saavadra told them hisife has cancer and he couldn't keep up with the disposing of animals. now county authorities say saavadra is looking at possible civil or even criminal penalties. cristina rodda kob eyewitness news 4 sally the rhinocerous was buried at the cerro colorado landfill's animal internment area. this incident is another black eye for the zoo when it comes to the disposal of dead animals. in march of last year the dismembered body of kashka the giraffe was left in a regular dumpster. the city blamed the incident on miscommunicatio n an independent investigation blamed a lack of clear protocols-- the zoo worker behind the disposal was not punished