Drive Guys: Noise reduction another reason to undercoat cars

Local,Ed Kriston,Jeffrey Boone

Dear Drive Guys,

I think there is one feature of undercoating you didn’t mention. Undercoating can be used to reduce road noise. For that reason I undercoated my ’08 Accord, including the wheel wells front and rear.

Hi Rich,

You are 100 percent right. Undercoating will also reduce road noise in many cases. Depending on the vehicle, it might not be as much of need.

Higher-line models have much more sound-deadening materials in them, but some models don’t. Addition of the undercoating for reducing road noise is the driver’s decision. Thanks again for the input.

Jeff: Rich— You are absolutely correct. You bring a good point out. The only thing I would caution is to make sure this is done when the car is new. This will alleviate any concerns as to whether the undercoating has sealed in potential corrosives.
Good point, Rich. Thanks for the input.

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