Drive Guys take on battery woes

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Dear Drive Guys:
I have a 2002 Chevy Blazer.
I just replaced battery, had a tune up, and replaced the spark plugs. Now, it won't start on first try.
It's a strong start; but just doesn't kick over. What do you think it might be? The guys at the gas station say it might be the key; that it might be old and not connecting in ignition.
That sounds odd. Help, please.
From Ed –
Hi Kim,
The first question from me is "Was this the reason you had the battery and spark plugs replaced?" I am assuming that it was the reason the work was done.
There can be many causes in a vehicle with some years and miles on it.
The computer needs to see that the engine is turning, firing, capable of running for the engine to have all it needs to start.  These signals are fed to the computer that will not activate the fuel injection until it sees them.  An intermittent in one of the signals and the engine might not start on the first turn of the key.  Once the computer gets all its requirements, it starts.

If your key is one of the "chip style" keys, it might be part of the problem. 

From Jeff-
This sounds more like a lack of fuel to me. Maybe the fuel filter is clogging or there is another form of restriction in the fuel system. That would be where I would start.

Drive Guys Ed Kriston and Jeffrey Boone are automotive repair specialists based in the Towson office of AAA Mid-Atlantic.
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