'Drunk Dial Congress' site generates 10,000 (presumably drunk) calls per hour

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A website urging the public to "drunk dial Congress" and tell lawmakers to end the government shutdown has connected 10,000 calls per hour to random congressional offices, the site creators reported Thursday.

The tongue-in-cheek site, which includes links to articles about the shutdown as well as thematic drink recipes, was the brainchild of a Democratic firm, Revolution Messaging, based in Washington, D.C.

"Mad at Congress over the shutdown?" the site's header reads. "Have a drink and tell them."

The site's name is a riff on earlier reports that some members of Congress had alcohol on their breath during late-night votes on measures to fund the government that ultimately failed and led to a shutdown 10 days ago.

The gambit was so successful, however, that by Thursday afternoon site creators were working to address problems with servers buckling under the excessive traffic.

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Rebecca Berg

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