Early D.C. voter turnout steady, Not heavy

Jeremy Skog

A steady, if occasional, stream of voters turned out to vote at polling places around Ward One and Ward Two this morning, beginning when polls opened at 7:00 AM. Most were parents taking their children to school or commuters working a break into the morning’s brisk commute.

Although there was talk of current Mayor Adrian Fenty’s write-in campaign most of the poll volunteers were for down-ballot candidates at the council and school-board level as these races were unusually competitive. A Washington Examiner local columnist, and even the Washington Post endorsed some challengers in today’s election. Even a close election would send a message to DC’s establishment that seats aren’t as safe as they once were, with all the battles fought in the primaries. Workers were out as well for a few of the contested Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) seats. While both volunteers and voters were friendly, most were hurried to get out of the chilly air.

Also featured on DC’s ballot was a vote to change the office of Attorney General into an elected position with a four-year term. Currently, the Attorney General is appointed by the mayor and the Washington Post believes it should stay that way. If enacted, the first election would take place in 2014.

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