EBay president blasts Amazon for supporting online sales tax

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Ebay President and CEO John Donahoe is not happy with for supporting the online sales tax.

In an email to eBay users, Donahoe asked them to contact their member of congress to oppose the online sales tax, citing’s support of the tax as threat to eBay customers.

“Amazon is advocating for this legislation too, while at the same time they are seeking local tax exemptions across the country to build warehouses,” explained Donahoe, describing the bill as a “big retail battle” that would threaten small businesses and consumers on eBay.

Donahoe explained that eBay could continue to fight an Internet sales tax, warning that if it passed, small businesses would be required to collect sales taxes from “more than 9,600 tax jurisdictions across the U.S.

“EBay is fighting, as we have for more than 15 years, to protect small online businesses and sellers and ensure healthy competition, value, and selection that benefit consumers online,” he concluded.

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