Ed Meese: We cannot wait for another Ronald Reagan

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Former Reagan Attorney General Edwin Meese said today America is experiencing a more pronounced erosion of freedom than he has seen in his lifetime, and that erosion is being hastened by President Barack Obama’s disregard for the Constitution.

Obama ignored the Constitution with his 2012 recess appointments, trashed the Constitution by waiving work requirements for welfare, and shredded the Constitution when he granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants living in the United States, Meese said at a “first principles” panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Electing a conservative Congress in 2014 and a president who will follow the Constitution in 2016 will be crucial to preserving America’s founding principles, he said, but the party cannot wait until then to act.

“We can’t wait for another Ronald Reagan,” he said.

Meese praised the Tea Party movement, crediting it with effectively mobilizing people who care about freedom whether they identified as Republicans or not.

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