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  • Charles Hoskinson

    Charles Hoskinson

    Deputy Opinion Editor

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    Charles Hoskinson is deputy opinion editor of the Washington Examiner. He previously worked as an editor for Politico, Congressional Quarterly and Agence France-Presse and covered congressional affairs, defense and foreign policy. He is a former Army officer and a graduate of George Washington University and the University of South Florida.

  • Brian Hughes

    Brian Hughes

    White House Correspondent

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    Brian Hughes is a White House correspondent for the Washington Examiner. He previously covered the Maryland statehouse and Montgomery County, Md., government for the Examiner. Hughes is a graduate of the University of Georgia.

  • Philip Klein

    Philip Klein

    Senior Writer

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    Philip Klein is a senior writer for the Washington Examiner. He is the author of "Conservative Survival in the Romney Era."

  • Joseph Lawler

    Joseph Lawler

    Economics Writer

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    Joseph Lawler is an economics writer for the Washington Examiner. A native of Massachusetts, Lawler worked for RealClearPolicy and the American Spectator before joining the Examiner.

  • Sean Lengell

    Sean Lengell

    Congressional Correspondent

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    Sean Lengell is a congressional reporter for the Washington Examiner. A native of Illinois who spent much of his life in the Tampa, Fla.., area, Lengell previously covered Congress for the Washington Times and local news for the Tampa Tribune.

  • Meghashyam Mali

    Meghashyam Mali

    Assistant Managing Editor

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    Meghashyam Mali is an assistant managing editor of the Washington Examiner. He previously served as an online editor for the Hill.

  • Tim Mak

    Tim Mak

    Congressional Correspondent

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    Tim Mak is a congressional correspondent for the Washington Examiner. He has previously reported for Politico.

  • Richard Pollock

    Richard Pollock

    Senior Watchdog Reporter

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    Richard Pollock is senior watchdog reporter for the Washington Examiner. The former Washington bureau chief for PJ Media, Pollock spent nearly a decade with ABC News as Washington producer for "Good Morning America." He also served as senior producer for "Fox News Sunday" with Tony Snow.

  • Luke Rosiak

    Luke Rosiak

    Senior Watchdog Reporter

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    Luke Rosiak is a senior watchdog reporter for the Washington Examiner and its data editor. Previously, he reported for The Washington Times and The Washington Post and was a member of the Sunlight Foundation Reporting Group.

  • Lisa Ruhl

    Lisa Ruhl

    Video Journalist

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    Lisa Ruhl is a video journalist for the Washington Examiner. She previously worked at Discovery Studios and got her master's degree in journalism at Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

  • Ashe Schow

    Ashe Schow

    Commentary Writer

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    Ashe Schow is an editorial and commentary writer for the Washington Examiner. Previously, she worked as an editor and writer for the Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action for America.

  • Elliot Smilowitz

    Elliot Smilowitz

    Web Producer and Staff Writer

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    Elliot Smilowitz is a web producer and staff writer for the Washington Examiner. He previously served at sports editor and page designer for the Examiner, and as intern program coordinator and technology correspondent for United Press International. He is a graduate of American University.

  • Mark Tapscott

    Mark Tapscott

    Executive Editor

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    Mark Tapscott is the Washington Examiner's executive editor. He oversees the daily work of the newspaper's special reporting team. He was inducted into the National Freedom of Information Act Hall of Fame in 2006. Before joining the Examiner in 2006, he started and led the Heritage Foundation's Computer-Assisted Research and Reporting (CARR) Boot Camps. He formerly held editing and reporting positions with the Journal Newspapers and the Washington Times.

  • Betsy Woodruff

    Betsy Woodruff

    Political Writer

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    Betsy Woodruff is a politics writer for the Washington Examiner. She previously wrote for National Review, where she reported from New York and D.C. on Capitol Hill and electoral politics.

  • Byron York

    Byron York

    Chief Political Correspondent

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    Byron York is chief political correspondent for the Washington Examiner, a Fox News contributor, author of The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy. He lives in Washington, D.C. Get all of Byron York's columns emailed to your inbox each week -- free! -- with the Washington Examiner's free Byron York newsletter.