Electric Mercedes Sets Record Lap,?New Toyota Corolla,TVR Is Back, Gumball 3000 Summary, & CoW!

Fast Lane Daily
June 10, 2013 AT 3:10 PM
Some unfortunate news from the Canadian Grand Prix when a worker is killed cleaning up a crashed car...The All new Toyota Corolla is finally revealed, an electric Mercedes SLS sets a record on the famous Nurburgring, the British sportscar manufacturer TVR is coming back, and the latest Gumball 3000 is done, whoopidee doo! Plus, we have a CoW with Commenter of the Week and we want to get Jimmy Fallon on Fast Lane Daily, help us make it happen! That and more all today on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by Derek D! Get Jimmy Fallon on Fast Lane Daily!: Gumball 3000 Recap video: New 2014 Toyota Corolla: FLD Twitter: FLD Facebook: Derek D Twitter: FLD on Instagram: Have a tip? Email us: FLD T-shirts: Link to watch Fast Lane Daily on iTunes: