Elle Magazine uses 'bossy' in article about powerful women

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Apparently Elle Magazine didn't get the memo saying that the word “bossy” is pretty much the worst thing ever these days, because the women's magazine used the term in its recent article about the 10 most powerful women in D.C.

While highlighting Politico Chief Operating Officer Kim Kingsley, Elle included a section about “how to be bossy” when asking Kingsley about her management style.

It’s amazing that a magazine that focuses on women would dare use such an offensive term.

Kingsley didn’t seem insulted by the word choice, or maybe she didn’t know it would be used in her section.

“There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to managing our talent,” Kingsley responded. “But I have a few rules: Always be direct; remember an idea is just an idea unless it’s implemented correctly; and never settle for pretty good – demand great.”

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