Fact-checking the fact checkers: Politifact again obscures $716 billion Medicare diversion

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In it’s post-debate coverage, Politifact claims Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s comment, “On Medicare for current retirees, he’s cutting $716 billion from the program” is only “half true.” As the Examiner has repeatedly pointed out, it is true, period.

Here’s what Politifact posted tonight:

Romney said, “on Medicare for current retirees, (Obama) is cutting $716 billion from the program.”

That amount — $716 billion — refers to Obamacare’s reductions in Medicare spending over 10 years, primarily paid to insurers and hospitals. But the statement gives the impression that the law takes money already allocated to Medicare away from current recipients.

Yes, but the money paid to insurers and hospitals will inevitably result in less coverage and higher premiums for current recipients. That’s just simple math. Those current recipients will still lose out.

The fact that the Obama administration cuts the $716 billion from a different part of Medicare doesn’t mean it won’t affect beneficiaries. Politifact is just buying the administration’s spin here.

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