Fallon: Obama booked himself for slow jam

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"The president booked himself! ... He didn't call, but the White House called us. …We got the call about the president of the United States wants to do maybe a bit because his initiative is to not raise taxes on student loans. And he was going to different colleges and so I said … 'I'd love to go to the college, but would he be up for doing a whole show - can I interview him?' And they go, 'I don't know, we'll call you right back.' So then they called us back and they go, 'I think he's in.'"

- Jimmy Fallon, in an interview on The Today Show with Matt Lauer Tuesday morning — where he compared some of his favorite guests from "Late Night." He said that President

Obama's staff contacted the show to book an appearance after Fallon's playground rumble with first lady Michelle Obama

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