Family: Bus, school take 5-year-old miles from home New Mexico
August 20, 2011 AT 4:15 AM
an albuquerque girl is out school for a few days- after a terrifying mix up at eubank elementary. the parents say their daughter was put on school bus by mistake and then dropped off far from her home. fortunately a stranger was able to call the girl's parents and get her back home. we spoke with the the little girl's family today. gadi schwartz is here with what they have to say about the whole ordeal. 5 year old haley groves - knew she wasn't supposed to be on the bus but says her teacher told her to get on board- the next thing she new she was miles away from her home- and crying to a stranger. haley groves is safe with family- she got the day off from school- because her parents are reluctant to send her back to the care of those who caused so much panic on wednesday. 26:46 frantically for over 45 minutes my grandson looked for haylee the school never notifed the parents, never called the police, there was not an alert put out or anything - she was gone she just disappeared. haley's grandmother says the 5 year old was supposed to go to an after school program with her 10 year old brother but a teacher at eubank elementary school put her on a bus instead. 13:27:40 the bus dropped her off far from her home and left her. more than 4 miles away from home- across the interstate - and near central and tramway- haley got off the bus with a classmate who brought haley to her dad. fortunately haley had her mothers phone number memorized 13:27:19 and what stephanie did with haylee is she taught her a little song and in that song is her mommys phone number so she sang the song to the stranger and thank god, we just thank him over and over. we talked to the man who called haley's mother. he says the it seemed like the bus driver knew haley was on t wrong bus because he heard the call go out over the bus radio while he waited nearby for his daughter. they radioed him over the radio and asked him if there was a girl on the bus named haley and you could hear this little girl saying yes and within a couple minutes he lets everybody off the bus. aps says the incident should have never happened and the bus company should have brought the girl back to the school. the bus company says the teacher should have never put that student on the bus.