Family mourns woman killed in crash by fleeing suspect New Mexico
May 27, 2011 AT 1:30 AM
tonight we hear from the family of a woman killed in a crash by a suspected meth dealer trying to get away from federal agents. our jeff maher was the only t-v reporter who talked to the woman's boyfriend and her family. he's live in belen tonight with what they're saying. jeff? i'm standing just outside of the home of roberta torres, who was on her way home with a friend this afternoon when her silver mazda was hit by a suspect on the run. tonight, her home is filled with sadness and heartache --as her boyfriend and family cope with a sudden loss. at the belen home of 40-year- old roberta torres, shock, and silence -- as friends come to terms with her loss -- just hours after she was killed just 2 blocks from her house. the d-e-a has charged 45- year-old lonnie dean who was driving this orange mustang -- trying to flee from agents who were trying to bust him during an alleged drug deal. "this guy doesn't deserve to live and she didn't deserve to die and we love her, i love my auntie a lot" ashlee romero is torres' niece. she says torres was a mother of two, who worked at a convenience store nearby. her 18-year-old daughter had just graated high school. "these things are always really really hard, especially when it's just an innocent person going home.... she was coming home, she was right here, i mean this isn't right" investigators say dean blew through this intersection, slamming into torres' silver mazda, spinning it around. torres' friend who was in the passenger seat somehow survived the devastating impact. people in town, are in disbelief -- seeing another innocent life, taken because of crime. "it happens to people, it happens to people you would never expect, the people who survive, they'll have to pay for it one day, they will, they have to live with themselves" "she was outgoing, she loved everyone, she liked to have fun, she was happy, she loved all of us, she'll be missed, we love you auntie" dean, and another suspect who was in his passenger seat are still in the hospital with non-life threatening, but serious injuries. torres' friend was released from the hospital and is here at the house recovering. state police will be filing more charges against dean