Family of woman killed in crash wants driver tracked down New Mexico
July 29, 2011 AT 2:00 AM
family and friends of a mother killed in a suspected drunk driving crash are asking tribal police for help catching the suspect. there's a warrant out for stephanie mendez -- who is believed to be on tribal land tonight. cristina rodda is here now with the story. 28 year old stephanie mendez is accused of killing two of her passengers earlier this year. mendez was never arrested after the crash.. and now that she's been charged.. the friend and mother of the woman killed in the crash want help getting mendez in custody. "i want her to be behind bars which won't bring back the life of my baby for her to be there for my grandkids." danalynne boyd's mother and her friend think someone is helping sptephanie mendez hide. danalynne was one of two passengers with mendez in march-- who flew out of the car and died-- on i-25 near montano. danalynn left behind a 7 year old son and a 4 year daughter. stephanie mendez-- who had a blood alcohol level almost three times the legal limit -- is believed to be somewhere on the navajo nation. "i am pleading with navajo tribe from shiprock, crownint, aztec to get together some kind of organization going looking getting to her." danalynn's children desperately miss her-- she was only 24 years old when she died. beautiful caring girl big heart, big big heart and her kids were her main priority and her family. it's been more than two weeks since mendez has been charged. danalynne's friend -- regina lujan -- can't understan she's not in jail yet. danalynn's mother is looking to a higher power. just by my faith through god i know they'll catch her. i just pray for it everyday. when the crash first happened-- police didn't arrest mendez because they wanted to wait for blood alcohol test results. a-p-d says it can't go to the navajo nation and arrest mendez, because it's not their jurisdiction. a-p-d says it is working with the tribal police and fbi to get mendez into custody. navajo police are not returning our calls for comment.